In my profession as a Feldenkrais-, JKA - Practitioner, and Physiotherapist I feel strongly about working with children (from infancy to adolescence)

Feldenkrais®  and Jeremy Krauss Approach with infants/children

A child learns through curiosity and pleasure, through trial and error.
It develops it's skills through sensorial impressions, which have corresponding reactions in their nerve-systems. This creates new sensations and reactions. From these, first accidental then intentional procedures, arise all their developmental functions and skills.
The child's learning is holistic and organic!

Children with special needs are often insufficiently able to create the organic learning process by themselves (for example, because they can not sufficiently and/or arbitrarily move).

The Feldenkrais®-Method amd the Jeremy Krauss Approach
help children to explore and/or make up the natural development steps.

As in the child's development fun, joy and curiosity are essential elements of the learning experience.