Hey, that´s me


Born (1975) and raised in Knittelfeld (Styria; Austria)
Training program for massage-therapist and health coach
1999 - 2002 attending and finishing “Academy for Physiotherapy”
From 2002 on, working as physical therapist
2006 starting to work with people with special needs.
2008 Feldenkrais training in Vienna (educational director Jeremy Krauss)

Since 2010 Specialization as a Feldenkrais-Practitioner
in the field of “Working with Children with special needs”:

Advanced seminars and trainings with Nancy Aberle.

Completed the advanced training program of Nancy Aberle
and Lynn Bullock in 2015 (Sweden).

In 2016 graduated Jeremy Krauss Approach - Training in Tegernsee (Germany)

Nowadays working full time as Physiotherapist, Feldenkrais® Practitioner and JKA-Practitioner in Klagenfurt (Austria) and abroad.